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What's up?

This page is intended to provide short information on what projects I'm currently involved in or gravitating towards.
It's goal is to provide you with an answer to question "what's going on" I would provide if a friend that didn't meet me in few weeks/months would ask.

 Bigger things 

  • At work I'm ears deep in iOS apps development in swift
  • After work - as my rust program to remove photo duplicates is already working, my youtube activity is paused. Long in line there is still my iPhone app to log food I eat and a website to generate reports from those log items.This is my main work I escape to.
  • COVID-19 etc. Staying safe, doing more activities from home. Like exercising or making my home more "smart"


  • I'm trying to improve my memory to remember more things. Trying different things.
  • Well... I'm reading more about finances. Welcome, life.