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Who am I?

I'm a software developer working with .NET Framework for more then 15 years now. I remember version 1.0 and have worked with all versions.
I also write software for iOS.
And desktop apps.
And console apps.
And webapps in other technologies.
And other stuff :)

 My first computer was ATARI 65XE with BASIC interpreter on board. I was 7 years old. I was hooked with first line of code which might have looked like this:

10 PRINT "Hello"

Amiga 500 was my second computer on which I have been programming with AMOS programming language (also a BASIC clone) and later with assembly language.

Then came Windows 95 which was my first PC thing. I learned Pascal language with Turbo Pascal compiler.

Those fancy variable := value notation you see in modern languages I saw first in Pascal.

    whoWasFirstWithColonEquals := "Pascal"

I have learned x86 assembly too and also got into reverse engineering hobby. Who remembers old softice debugger ?

 During my time on university I started writing commercial software. And I got to know C# and .NET.
I stick around it for years now.  But not around only that.
One day my boss came to our office and asked, who wants to get into mobile apps development for iPhones? Half year later I had my first own iPhone app for runners. I did it after work to prepare for iOS projects at work. Which came next.
I read about new fascinating languages like Rust and Go, and I started learning them both. It is nice to know things. I remember first time I heard about Bitcoin. I was driving home and listening to some podcast. I thought this can't work. Few years later I'm one of lucky persons who can exactly define moment that could have changed their lives :). I don't want to miss next such moment.

This blog is intended as my documentation of what is interesting to me currently. If the same thing interests you too, enjoy!

If you would like to contact me, you can find me there: