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Extract module from swift app

Can the architecture of a mobile application be transformed into a more modular one? In the backend it always pays off but does it pay off in a mobile application? Is it worth to cut functionality into independent modules if we use them in one application anyway? Does it make sense to hide them behind another layer of abstraction? Is it finally possible to do it in a convenient way that helps us instead of standing in the way? The traditional approach is to use CocoaPods. Each framework has its own repository from which we pull the sources and create a project with the pods. Everything is cool except one detail, I would like to be able to edit the sources of my modules in the place where I use them and compile them without any additional actions, i.e. from the point of view of using the code the fact that the components are in another repository is invisible. I wanted to use the Swift Package Manager and its packages. SPM is also very much like cocoapods when it comes to using componen