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C# F# - different tones of .NET

I like good programming languages and C# is definetely one of them. It is my main tool at work. But it is not the only language in the world. When I've got a chance to make one of our next services in F# i was more than just happy about it. Some parts (.csprojects) were already done and needed to be replaced by their F# implementation. I thought F# is just another language with "strange" syntax which does the same stuff the same way. Boy, was I wrong. I had trouble to write interface method, then to implement it. Then to properly use other method. This is so much different. For example, in C# you declare everything about method in first line: string method( string param1, int param2) while in F# it will look more like this: let method param1 param2 : string See there is no parameter type? You don't have to add that. You can of course: let method param1:string param2:string : string But the thing is you don't have to. F# is static language just l